We recommend reading through the About Us and Our Livestreams sections on our website.

Our core team consists of five professional musicians, production staff, communicators, and visual artists. We seek to elevate modern music and media consumption by cultivating new audiences through technology. In short, DSTNCE was created to unify artists and audiences. Meet our team here.

Our immediate goal is to remove the challenges associated with impromptu, ad-hoc livestreams and to present a professional, consistent product that allows our artists to maximize engagement and revenue beyond that of a traditional live concert event.

A livestream is a broadcast of a live event, streamed over the Internet.

No. While artists perform out of our space, DSTNCE is a live event platform, not a public venue. The artist is joined only by our DSTNCE team members to help facilitate their livestream. It is otherwise closed to the public.

Please visit the Events section on our website. Tickets can be paid for via credit card or debit.

We utilize Zoom for all of our livestreams—download the platform here. Each ticket holder will receive an email with a unique access link for the livestream. We moderate the livestreams to ensure only ticket holders have access.

Yes! They will see you on a monitor in the performance area and will be able to hear you after each song, so we encourage you to applaud or cheer! There will be plenty of other opportunities to interact including polls, Q&A, and more. Note: we mute the audience during performances themselves out of respect for our Artists—no one likes pub chatter! 

No. Just like a live show, you need to be there in person and on time! Be sure to follow us on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram (@dstncemedia) as we will post highlights of each event on social media, though we promise you’ll want to experience DSTNCE live!