We’re a small group of music industry professionals who suddenly found ourselves without work in March 2020. We come from diverse backgrounds—we’re musicians, production staff, communicators, and visual artists—and are united by our shared love of music.

In light of our industry’s uncertain future, we decided to look for ways to help. DSTNCE Media was born from the desire to ensure financial viability for our music community and to provide access to viewers’ favourite local and national acts while distancing measures are in place. Our name refers to the context we’re operating within. It also reminds us that physical distance does not necessarily mean emotional distance. We’re invested in creating ways to feel close while we remain apart. 

We’re passionate about building thriving music communities through technology. Livestreams are one of many experiences we intend to offer. We firmly believe that, when used well, technology can bring us closer together than ever before. As our industry continues to adapt and change, we want to be on the leading edge of the evolution taking place. We’ll be out there—or in here—building the future of music that we wish to see. We hope you’ll join us in this new and exciting place.


We seek to elevate modern music and media consumption by cultivating new audiences through technology. Our platform focuses on sharing artists’ stories and experiences through high-quality, interactive content. In doing so, we nourish creative communities by encouraging a reciprocal, direct-access relationship between artist and audience.


We aim to positively impact creative economies by revolutionizing access to and consumption of live entertainment and media.


Be responsive and evolve constantly. Be responsive to a shifting entertainment industry and to the needs of individual stakeholders—artists, fans, and industry professionals alike. Instead of rooting ourselves in old paradigms of how things “once were,” we seek to evolve constantly and to actively create the future. We embrace the unknown as a way of identifying new opportunities. 

Nourish creativity. We are creatives who are passionate about empowering other creatives. Our ongoing, individual commitment to supporting local music and helping our community through a difficult time brought us together. We believe that everyone who feels the call to live a creative life should be able to do so and to also make a living at it. Creativity is our joy and our passion—it’s at the forefront of why we do what we do. 

Build relationships through technology. We believe in the power of media and technology to bring artists and fans closer than ever before. By building a platform that encourages reciprocal, direct-access relationships between artists and their audience through on-air interviews, live chats, and live-streams, we see technology as a gateway to greater intimacy, not a barrier to it. 

Strive for quality. In a burgeoning online music media landscape, we believe that quality and taste-level will continue to be important differentiators for artists and fans alike. With our fingers on the pulse of the latest technology for our industry, we are committed to providing the best quality audio, visual, and web experience for our users.